Day of commemoration of defenders of Donetsk airport

The Day of Commemoration of the Defenders of Donetsk Airport is a time of gratitude and remembrance. On this day, we honor those who courageously defended the freedom and independence of Ukraine in 2014-2015.

The airport became a symbol of the courage of Ukrainian defenders who stood in defense of the country. Today, on Defender’s Day, we remember and honor every soldier who made a huge contribution to the liberation of Ukraine.

With particular pride, we would like to celebrate one of the cyborgs of the Donetsk airport, Mr. Vitaly, who is an employee of TM “Royal Palace” and has been defending our country since the first days of the full-scale war in 2022. Mr. Vitaly, we are proud of you, we sincerely hope for your safe return and we are waiting for you at home, in the TM “Royal Palace” family.

Glory to the heroes of the Donetsk airport!

With respect and deep gratitude, the Skrypkovsky family and the TM “Royal Palace” team.