Christmas sweets for the military from the Royal Palace Charitable Foundation

Greetings, dear friends!

Filled with the joy and harmony of the holiday, we are fulfilling our promise of Christmas cookies that we are sending to our military heroes. These traditional delicacies, which were decorated by insulin-dependent children during a children’s party at the Royal Palace Cafe, will become a symbol of our gratitude and support.

Despite the fact that the number of cookies is small – only 30 cookies, the Royal Palace Charitable Foundation of the Skrypkovsky family decided to expand this noble initiative. We are already finishing packing these sweet gifts for our real heroes. By the way, our delicacies and goodies are being sent to the unit where our employee is currently serving. He went to the front as a volunteer back on 26 February 2022 and, having gone through hardships and danger, is still responsible for the security of our country.

Today, at this special time of Christmas, we would like to express our gratitude to those who make it possible for us to celebrate Christmas in our cosy homes, enjoying the hugs of our families. Most importantly, we remember those who guard our freedom and security – our Armed Forces of Ukraine. Their courageous dedication and sacrifice make us feel safe and free.

Our highest respect and gratitude go to our military for their tireless work and heroism. They are our pride and undoubtedly hold the warmest place in our hearts. May this Christmas also bring them warmth, prosperity and the support of our united nation.

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all our heroes!
With best wishes and love, the Royal Palace Foundation of the Skrypkovsky family